Interview of the surgeon Volodymyr Novikov, who saved many lives of children, civilians and soldiers from Irpen und Bucha.

„- Don’t you have a dream?- I do. One. Learning to dream about something.
It is a rare gift to respect yourself and your life, to want the best, the highest in this life only for yourself! To imagine a heavenly paradise, but not to dream about it, but to strive for it, to demand it!“

Ayn Rand, „We Are Alive.“

We Are Alive – …. can appreciate the magnitude of the sacrifice of those who have lost their lives. Freedom, dreams, life have been stolen from them.
They don’t know that anymore. But we do, and we have to live with it. And each of us has our own war, our own weapons. The artist’s weapon: brushes and paints. Weapons of faith: scriptures.

We are alive. We have a world to rebuild after the war, a world without them. But we are there, alive and able to change the future.
Capable of changing ourselves. And raise our children in a new way. What kind of world do we want to pass on to them?

WE ARE ALIVE, it’s up to us…

Victory is when we continue to show love instead of hate.

Victory is when we show compassion instead of anger and helplessness.

Victory is when we teach our children how to live and deal with conflict in peace.

WE ARE ALIVE, it is our choice…

It is  the time to act. 

„Irpen. Hug me“
100×80 oil/canvas, 2022
„Ukrainian Madonna“.
80×60 sm Oil/Canvas, 2022
Exhibition in Gallery 24-b in Paris . April 2022.
„Heart Transplantation. Ukraine“
115×100 sm, canvas/oil, 2022

Heart Transplantation. Ukraine 2022″. 90×115, oil/canvas, 2022
„Music of our Souls. Kharkiv 2022“
60×80, oil/canvas, 2022
„Odessa 2022. Sunrise after Explosion“
60×80, oil/canvas, 2022
„Ochakiv 2022. Forever dreaming“
Killed in the Dream 6 years old Girl
60×80, oil/canvas, 2022
„Behind the Border of reality“
100×100 oil/acryl/canvas, 2014
„The Shelter“ 2019, oil/gold plates/canvas
Art Exhibition in Palermo, with support of UNESCO, charity project: helping the children, who suffered from the war in Ukraine 2022″

„The closed Sky“.
100×120 sm, 2022, Oil/canvas/ gold plates.

„Behind the Border of reality 2“

100×100 sm, canvas/oil, acrylic, 2023

based on the real events .